PM-酚醛模塑料 Phenolic Molding Compounds

汽車機構件 Mechanical autopartsmore…

種的耐熱性、 剎車關聯部件等領域被廣泛應用。

Our phenolic molding compounds especially used for mechanical and structural
parts are reinforced mainly by glass fiber. To take the advantage of those features,
such as heat resistance, creeping property-proof, accuracy of dimension, and mec
-hanical strength and our penolic
molding compounds are being expanded as a material for metal substitution to v
-arious kinds of functional components , such as engine peripheral equipment,a
pump associated part, and a brake associated part.

汽車電裝 Electronic autopartsmore…


Our phenolic molding compounds are used also for electronic autoparts.
Originally, since the balance of phenolic molding compounds of the characteristics,
such as electrical insulation properties, heat resistance (the intensity between heat,
rigidity, dimensional stability), chemical resistance, and accuracy of dimension, and
cost is excellent, our materials are suitable for customers’ needs, such as a “weight
saving” and “cost reduction.”

整流子 Commutatormore…



?Excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance, humidity resistance and dimensio
-nal stability improve revolution at burst and bar-to-bar movement for noise redu
-ction and brush wear.

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?Processability such as slitting, press-fitting of shaft and fusing is also excellent.

線圈骨架 Bobbinmore…


?很多的熱可塑性樹脂因為了實現無鹵阻燃而犧牲了成本及強度。但弊 司的線圈骨架具有
高性價比的同時,也具有高強度及無鹵阻燃等特性。 主要規格都已取得UL1446B絕緣系統

?CTI(相對漏電起痕指數) 250V的同時具有高強度,電子部件的高頻率及高電壓化都可

?Our high reliable non-ammonia grade has extremely low metal corrosion and ex
-cellent electrical properties.

?High heat resistance over 400°C meets high cycle requirement in solder reflow p
-rocess of SMT.

?Many kinds of thermoplastics lose their mechanical strength to get non-halogen
flame retardancy. Our non-halogen flame retardant phenolic molding compounds
for transformer bobbin has high mechanical strength with cost-effectiveness. Maj
-or grades are approved for UL1446 insulation system (Class B).

?Good balance of CTI (comparative tracking index) and mechanical strength for h
igh frequency and high voltage requirement in electrical components.